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Get involved

We are looking for people to join our advisory committee to represent Vermont families, particularly families that use our EMS system. The family representative helps ensure family-centered care when developing programmatic activities. Family Advocacy Network (FAN) is a national group that facilitates inclusion of the family voice in state EMS for Children programs. The FAN representative is a crucial part of the EMS for Children family. Email VT EMS for more information.

EMS for Children Advisory Committee

The Committee meets quarterly to both advise and serve as a resource to the Vermont EMSC in program activities; current committee members includes, but are not limited to ER physicians, pediatricans, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers,  EMS educators, public health specialists, family advocates, and hospital representatives. The committee has worked on several projects with the aim of improving the care children receive when they enter the EMS system; the committee is currently working on assessing  local clinical offices preparedness for emergencies. The project with the Vermont Child Health Improvement Program (VCHIP) is working to increase local connections for emergency responders and local healthcare providers.

2017 Advisory Committee Schedule

All meetings are open to the public; please contact the EMSC program for details: VT EMS

Jannuary 12th

April 13th

July 13th

October 12th

Time: 1 P.M. to 2 P.M.