The Vermont Emergency Response Volunteers program (VERV) is a network of trained volunteers ready to assist in Vermont's emergency response activities. VERV volunteers can sign up to work alongside local district health offices and regional and statewide volunteer organizations in the event of a disaster or public health emergency.

The VERV Registry System is a tool used by the member organizations so that they may utilize the system to collect their volunteer’s contact information and skills and be able to send alerts to their volunteers when needed.

VERV volunteers are medical service professionals and Vermonters from all walks of life. Volunteers are trained to be a part of an emergency response team - performing critically needed jobs, such as supporting the operation of mass clinics, assisting patients to get the help they need right away or assisting with emergency food delivery.

VERV also includes the Vermont Emergency System for Advanced Registration of Healthcare Professionals (ESAR-VHP). This is a component of our VERV Registry System. Every State independently develops, maintains, and operates an ESAR-VHP System. This effort is being funded through a federal grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response. This system for mutual assistance is developed through common definitions, standards, and protocols. In this way, Vermont can facilitate the deployment of willing, needed, qualified healthcare volunteers.

By Becoming a Vermont Emergency Response
Volunteer, You Will:

  • play an essential role in Vermont's public health emergency or a natural disaster
  • help protect your community during a time of need
  • learn new information and skills
  • meet new people through a rewarding volunteer experience

During a large state emergency event where a member unit may need additional support the other member units volunteers may be contacted in order to request assistance and determine their availability.

How do I Register to be a Volunteer?
The VERV registry will walk you through the steps to register. You will be asked for contact and other information, and the units you wish to join, for example the Department of Health District Office for your area or the Medical Reserve Corps. Each district office has a VERV administrator who will contact you to discuss the local district needs as well as upcoming trainings or sponsored events.

How Much Time Will it Take to be a Volunteer?
Volunteers choose the level to which they want to be involved. Some units require a certain amount of training per year, while other units will provide Just-In-Time-Training. We also recommend that all volunteers review our on-line training page. You should also contact your VERV unit administrator directly for additional requirements that a particular unit may have. It's entirely up to you.

How Will I Know When and Where to go During an Emergency?
In an emergency, we will notify you as to where and when you should report as a volunteer. The VERV system will contact you via your phone, paper, text or e-mail advising you of the event and may ask you to log on to the VERV website for additional information that is posted. At this time you may respond back regarding your availability for the event. For your safety, it is important for you to wait for us to contact you and not to “show up” at an emergency event. The VERV Registry should always have your up-to-date contact information so that we can reach you.

Do I Have to be Available for Every Emergency Event?
No. The VERV system will contact you at the time of an event - you will let VERV know if you are available.

What if I am a Health Care Provider, but Currently not Licensed?
During an emergency the governor may allow persons without a current license to work in medical capacities, such as distributing bottles of pills to individuals or reconstituting pediatric suspensions. Additionally, there are other duties (performing contact tracing or simple triage) where having a health care background will be helpful.

What if I am a Volunteer With Another Organization, can I Still be a VERV Volunteer?
Absolutely. When you register, you will be asked to list other organizations that might call you during an emergency situation, such as the American Red Cross. We are also working with other volunteer organizations to coordinate volunteer activities so that we can best use the skills of people who want to help.

Will I be Protected from Liability and Workers' Compensation?
The Vermont General Assembly amended Title 20 to clarify and include liability and worker compensation claims for those persons who are volunteers for the state, when they are training for or responding to an emergency at the request of a Vermont State Agency. For more information, click here: Liability and Workers‘ Compensation Protections for Volunteers

How do I Make Changes to my Contact Information?
You can update your contact information on the VERV registration site:, or e-mail us at

Is My Personal Information Safe on this System?
Each volunteer has their own username and password. We do not ask for social security numbers, just basic contact information and for healthcare professionals we request medical background information.