VERV Units

We Welcome Healthcare and Non-Healthcare Volunteers

Vermont Department of Health is the state‘s lead agency for public health policy and advocacy. Through our 12 District Offices we provide essential health promotion and disease prevention services - in partnership with local health care providers, voluntary agencies, schools, businesses and community organizations - to improve health and extend statewide initiatives in local communities throughout the state.

Our District Offices need volunteers who can assist in operating local emergency clinics and assist in mass care centers. We need volunteers with a healthcare background or community members with other skills, encourage you. Volunteers are asked to join their local district office that covers their jurisdiction of residence or their local Medical Reserve Corps unit. Volunteer today!

Animal Emergency Health Care
Teams working together to protect the health of animals during times of emergencies and disaster response. Includes Vermont Veterinarian Medical Association (VVMA), the Veterinarian Technicians Emergency Response Teams (VTERT) or your local Disaster Animal Response Team (DART)

VVMA - consists of licensed or retired veterinarians and veterinary specialists who may or may not belong to the VVMA.

VTERT - consists of Vermont and New Hampshire veterinary technicians and nurses who will assist veterinarians during a disaster.

Medical Reserve Corps

MRC - Medical, public health and other volunteers offer their expertise throughout the year as well as during local emergencies and other times of community need. MRC volunteers work in coordination with existing local emergency response programs and also supplement existing community public health initiatives, such as outreach and prevention, immunization programs, blood drives, case management, care planning, and other efforts.


Vermont 2-1-1 - The state's health and human services helpline. During disasters, Vermont 2-1-1 is activated as the public information line for accurate and timely information as the situation progresses through the Response, Relief and Recovery phases.

All Vermont 2-1-1 volunteers attend an orientation prior to beginning a shift. Volunteers should be able to commute to Vermont 2-1-1 central office in Essex Junction when activated (or to satellite call centers as the situation requires).

Vermont Emergency Management Response Teams
includes Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and VEM Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)

CERT - There are 12 Units across Vermont , operating under the Citizen Corps Council plan that brings together community first responders, fire fighters, law enforcement, EMS, emergency managers, and the volunteer community for emergency preparedness, mitigation, response, crime prevention, and emergency medical training.

RACES is a volunteer organization of amateur radio operators who have valid licenses issued by the Federal Communications Committee (FCC) to provide essential communications for State and local governments in time of emergency.

Vermont Hospitals
Throughout the state, Vermont hospitals are recruiting their employees who choose to be a volunteer.