Text Your Teen

Teens who carry cell phones often send text messages more than they talk. It’s also a way for them to discuss things in private without anyone listening in, and texting is a central part of their social network. Learning how to send text messages will open up a new line of communication between you and your child, and it is a good way to talk about important subjects in a non-confrontational way.

Texting Lingo

Don’t be intimidated by the codes and abbreviations that texting is famous for. Most of them come from dropping vowels or replacing words with numbers for the sake of speed.


It’s hard to keep up with all the changing terms, but as long as you are being clear, your teen should get the message.

Sample Texts

You can text about something specific, or just send a random message to let your child know you are thinking about her. Here are some examples that may start a conversation or just brighten your child’s day:

Check with your mobile provider and phone to learn how to send text messages and what kinds of fees may apply.

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