Make An Impact

All around Vermont, change is happening. It can be as simple as making your car and home smoke-free, or as involved as organizing a work crew to make improvements to your town’s recreation fields. The important thing is to act.

And people are acting. Cities and towns are considering what makes communities healthy as they develop town plans. Businesses are supporting worksite wellness, knowing that healthy employees are happy employees. Schools are developing wellness plans to support better learning. Individuals are quitting smoking and learning how to eat for a healthier and longer life.

Being a Vermonter is a source of pride. We value our communities. We take care of each other. Working together to make it easier to live healthier lives is the Vermont way.

Personal Success Stories

Meet some Vermonters who are taking action to improve their health and live longer.

See the real time strength in our numbers

Working for all Vermonters, the Health Department is committed to driving down the burden of chronic disease.
Our 3-4-50 scorecard shows where we are working and how we are doing.

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